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WHO-FIC Annual Network Meeting in Mexico

The WHO Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Network Annual Meeting ” Connecting Data for Health” took place in Mexico City from 16 to 21 October 2017 (

The WHO-FIC Network Meetings serve as a platform for presenting current work and results of this work with and on the WHO classifications, including the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). Michaela Coenen attended this year’s meeting as one of the delegates of the ICF Research Branch a cooperation partner within the WHO Collaborating Centre for the Family of International Classifications in Germany (at DIMDI).

In sessions of the Education and Implementation Committee (EIC) and Functioning and Disability Reference Group (FDRG) the ICF e-learning tool was presented. The ICF e-learning tool is a web-based, self-teaching tool that was developed under the auspices of the EIC with valuable support from FDRG. It introduces (potential) users to the framework and conceptualization, as well as possible application areas of the ICF aiming at familiarizing stakeholders in various sectors, including social and health care professionals and interested laypersons. In the long run it should also support the joint use of the ICF with the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). Michaela Coenen presented the work done so far and first results of the worldwide field testing of the tool.

The following posters with involvement of members of the Chair of Public Health and Health Services Research – IBE were presented at the meeting:

  • Kus S, Dereskewitz C, Rudolf K-D, Erhard H, Coenen M. Development of case studies to illustrate the standardized data collection and reporting of functioning in persons with hand conditions (Poster C511)
  • Coenen M, Simmel S, Esteban E, Kirschneck M, Kus S, Seyfried F, Bühren V. Predicting the rehabilitation outcome after trauma based on the ICF: conceptualization of the project icfPROreha (Poster C512)
  • Coenen M, Kus S, Ricci K, Selb M. Update on the development of the ICF e-learning tool (Poster C521)
  • Coenen M, Kirschneck M, Kus S, Selb M. The ICF training workshops of the ICF Research Branch (Poster C523)

To access the complete poster booklet of the meeting please click here.

Dr. Michaela Coenen was invited to present the poster “Development of case studies to illustrate the standardized data collection and reporting of functioning in persons with hand conditions” (Poster C511) in the plenary poster session.