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"Gesunder Schlaf durch innere Ordnung"

Development, implementation and evaluation of a 3-week secondary prevention program for people with insomnia, carried out in the Kneipp health resort of Füssen.


The project "Gesunder Schlaf durch innere Ordnung" aims at applying a newly developed prevention program with a focus on sleep disorders and based on an outpatient Kneipp cure in individuals suffering from insomnia. The effects on the quality of sleep and other parameters relevant for sleep are to be investigated within the scope of an evaluation study.

According to the five elements of Kneipp's philosophy (water, movement, nutrition, medicinal plants and inner order) the Kneipp cure involves the five corresponding therapeutic methods hydrotherapy, exercise therapy, nutrition therapy, phytotherapy and lifestyle regulation therapy with the aim of promoting health and preventing disease.

Accordingly, the 3-week prevention program in Füssen includes Kneipp hydrotherapy, relaxation components, and physical activity complemented by presentations on selected topics. Central to the prevention program is the lifestyle regulation therapy, a psycho-educative seminar with the focus on "Inner Order" (lifestyle, chronobiology – the study of rhythmical processes in living organisms, day/night cycle, "inner clock" etc.) and "Healthy Sleep" (basic information on healthy and restful sleep, sleep disorders, support for healthy sleep etc.).

The effects of the program are examined with pre-, post- and follow-up measurements (1-, 3-, and 6-month follow-up) using a two-arm randomized controlled design with waiting control group.

Cooperation partners

  • Füssen Tourismus und Marketing - AöR der Stadt Füssen
  • Cooperating sickness insurance institution: Barmer GEK



March 2015 to Oktober 2018


The study is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care. The costs of medical and therapeutic services are covered by Barmer GEK.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Angela Schuh
Head of the research unit Climatotherapy / Health Resorts - Health Services Research


Dr. Marita Stier-Jarmer, MPH

Dr. Dipl. SpOec Dieter Frisch


German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS): DRKS-ID: DRKS00011673