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7-day prevention program in Bad Reichenhall / Bayrisch Gmain (Bavaria, Germany)

“Time to Breathe” – Development, implementation and evaluation of a 7-day prevention program for slowing down

This pilot project aims to develop new field treatments and methods that focus on forthcoming medical issues. It was funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care, in the context of a program aiming to support Bavarian Resorts and Spas. In this study the medical topic for the future was "slowing down". The project lasted from January 2013 to June 2015.

Phase 1 focused on the conception of the intervention, a 7-day prevention program for slowing down and stress reduction. Health promoting elements were set up based on chronobiological aspects. Activity modules (e.g. aqua aerobics) were combined with psycho-educative modules (i.e. "health coaching" – covering topics such as handling stress, time management or mindfulness) including the local remedy (brine).

In further stages of the project, the prevention program was applied to a population of stressed adults and the effects of the intervention were studied. Therefore, a randomized controlled trial was performed including two control groups and five time points. Data was collected over a timeframe of six months.

We assessed subjectively experienced stress and wellbeing as well as health related quality of life, health status and sleeping patterns using standardized patient reported questionnaires. In addition, salivary cortisol concentrations were studied.

Data was analyzed to identify significant group differences regarding the studied outcomes within the three study groups.

The results are planned to be published in spring 2016.