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The climato- and thalassotherapy deal with the health-promoting effects of weather and climate on humans and their use and benefits for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation

Indications climato- and / or thalassotherapy:

  • Chronic diseases of skin and respiratory tract
  • OsteoporosisCardiovascular disease
  • Lack of training of the whole body
  • Seasonally dependent mood / seasonal depression
  • Convalescence after serious disease
  • Secondary prevention and general health promotion

Offered are climato- and thalassotherapy:

  • On the North and Baltic Sea, especially as rehabilitation in chronic diseases and in the form of mother-father-child cures in specialized clinics
  • In moderate altitudes and highlands as inpatient and outpatient indication-based spa treatment
  • In climate health resorts, seaside resorts and health seaside resorts of Germany and in several other European countries

Climatic exposition methods (terrain treatment, fresh air resting therapy and heliotherapy) are mutually supportive combined and supplemented as necessary by thalassotherapy, sports therapy, balneological and other physical therapy measures

The successes of climatotherapy are documented to a large extent and the improvements of the respective disease are increasingly protected under the criteria of the so-called ‘evidence-based medicine’. [Schuh A & Nowak D, Klimatherapie im Hochgebirge und im Meeresklima, Dtsch med Wochenschr 2011; 136(4): 135-139]. For example, recent studies detected the longer lasting of climatotherapy at the seaside or in the high mountain aeas on atopy, skin and respiratory diseases. The long-term surveys are also supported by several representative studies and demonstrate a significant reduction in absenteeism of patients with chronic diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and bronchial asthma. Even with further indications of climate therapy as osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome, or so-called "functional" disorders of the cardiovascular system without organ findings show study results a rapid and sustained reduction in symptoms.

The modern climato- and thalassotherapy is used today to scientifically reliable basis for the targeted treatment firmly outlined syndromes and chronic diseases as well as in prevention and health promotion with great success and long-term improvement in symptoms

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