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Stressful influences of weather on humans

The weather is omnipresent and every living being is affected by it. Although people can change many things, especially through changes in behavior such as appropriate clothing, staying indoors or air conditioning, the weather is being responsible for the occurrence of a variety of subjective symptoms; partly the weather can be attributed even pathogenic properties. Between 29 and 54 percent of Germans say they are sensitive to changes in the weather.

The "syndrome of weather" here includes not only a limitation of well-being and quality of life of those affected, but also has far-reaching implications for the socio-economic area, such as costs for the health system (medical visits, medication, physical therapy applications, stays at health resorts ).

Weather conditions lead to a significant increase of various impairments of well-being, such as increase in pain intensity with headaches and migraines. Also influences of weather are scientifically proven on diseases such as heart attacks / strokes, musculoskeletal pain, respiratory diseases such as asthma and mental disorders. However, there are also contradictions and different expert opinions. A major reason for this is that the weather as well as humans both are two dynamic and highly differentiated systems that interact with each other. In particular, the research into the mechanisms of action, this means how and in what way certain weather conditions and weather elements act on the human body and what physiological changes they bring about, is a highly complex field. Basically it comes to adaptation to external stimuli and the responsiveness of the organism to constantly changing environmental conditions. The adaptability of the body is therefore largely responsible for ensuring that faults are detected and compensated. Today concrete strategies and guidelines are already available for the prevention and treatment of changes in the weather and weather sensitivity.