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The present project aims to create an orderly structure based on scientific findings in order to enable the Bavarian health resorts and spas to use the resource "forest" for the development and implementation of health tourism as well as evident medical (preventive and therapeutic) offers. For this purpose, 15 pilot sites in Bavaria were selected for project implementation.

A further objective is to examine a legal framework for the health-related use of the forest. In addition, the extent to which the recognition of the therapeutic benefits of the forest as a local healing method is appropriate will be examined.

The promotional project is intended to strengthen and further expand the regional and economic importance of Bavarian health resorts and spas and the associated rural areas.

Project phases

Module 1: Development of an updated criteria catalogue for spa and medicinal forests (Bavarian criteria catalogue)

Module 2: Interministerial working group

Module 3: Practical implementation in selected health resorts

Module 4: Further training of forest-health trainers

Module 5: Manual and recommendations for action

Cooperation partner

Bavarian Spas Association (BHV)


July 2019 to June 2021


Supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy

Contact person

Gisela Immich, M.Sc.
Project Scientist

Eva Robl, qualified landscape ecologist
Project scientist