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ICF│PROreha - Predicting the rehabilitation outcome after trauma based on the ICF



Aim of the project was to identify determinants (aspects of functioning as well as contextual factors) predicting return to work, time off work and quality of life in persons with severe musculoskeletal injuries after inpatient rehabilitation. An outcome prognosis and a strategy paper including recommendations for measures were developed to show the appropriate handling of the identified predictors within the framework of the rehabilitation management of the UV carriers in order to sustainably shorten the duration of incapacity for work or to ensure return to work.

The research project was implemented via six work packages. First, in a multistage process and by applying various methodological approaches (expert surveys, systematic literature reviews and consensus conferences) aspects of functioning and contextual factors were determined, along with outcome measures to predict return to work, time off work and quality of life. Between fall 2018 and August 2021, a longitudinal study collected data from nearly 800 patients using the specified procedures at ten clinics, and followed up patients for 78 weeks. The clinically generated data were supplemented by case data from the insurance providers (e.g., time off work) and formed the data basis for calculating prediction models for predicting incapacity for work and quality of life. Based on the calculated models, an outcome prognosis (based on functioning and contextual factors) can already be generated upon admission to inpatient rehabilitation.

ICF│PROreha was carried out as a collaborative effort with the Department for Workman’s Compensation Rehabilitation (leading physician: Dr. med. Stefan Simmel) of the BG Hospital Murnau. The Chair of Public Health and Health Services Research (IBE) was responsible for the coordination of the entire project (Dr. Michaela Coenen).

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April 2017 – October 2021


The project was funded by the German Statutory Accident Insurance (Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, DGUV)


Dr. Michaela Coenen, MPH postgrad.
Head of the Research Unit for Health Promotion and Prevention

Project office icf│PROreha


Dr. Sandra Kus, MPH postgrad.
Senior Researcher