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Health Services Research - Health Resorts

The verification of medical quality in the health resorts and spas is the responsibility of health care research, a special section of the Public Health Research.

The Health Services Research in the health resorts and spas examined the supply requirements (including future indications and medical issues of the future) and the utilization of ambulatory preventive treatments and health promotion programs, the health care structures or processes, the provided retirement benefits and gains in quality of health or life.

It contributes to the development of scientifically based care concepts (eg outpatient prevention for burnout, health program for deceleration), investigated accompanying the implementation of new care concepts and evaluates the effectiveness of health care structures and processes in everyday conditions.

Its subject is therefore the planning, organization, evaluation and optimization of health care and medical care of guests and patients in health resorts.

The high quality medically oriented prevention is one of the most fundamental task of spas and health resorts. Health services research is therefore directed primarily at the effectiveness (outcome) of secondary prevention in the patients’ care and health promotion programs as well as their organizational context under the conditions of the real supply.

The quality of results as the central dependent variable from the perspective of the guests or patients of health resorts is thus at the center of health services research. The structural and process quality of care, are regarded as determinants of earnings quality.

The aim is to provide the scientific basis for a continuous improvement in the spa patients’ care and in the supply in terms of health promotion.

An efficient health services research serve healthcare for orientation on quality, therapeutic safety, utility and sustainability of supply in the health resorts and spas.