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Health Resorts - Health Services Research

Director: Professor Dr. Dr. Angela Schuh

The following tasks are processed:

1. Scientific studies on climatotherapy (incl. forest therapy) and health resort medicine
2. Creation and evaluation of concepts for cures
3. Creation of commissioned expert reports within a nominating of health resort. The following reports can be created by us:

    • Medical climatological expert reports
    • Medical-meteorological expert reports
    • Medical balneological expert reports
    • Surveying and classification of ways for terrain cure (outdoor treatment)

4. Scientific expert advice on the implementation of the forest therapy based on a criteria check list for "Kur- und Heilwald"

5. Scientific advice of health resorts (nationally and internationally)

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  • Climatotherapy


    The climato- and thalassotherapy deal with the health-promoting effects of weather and climate on humans and their use and benefits for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. more

  • Health Services Research - Health Resorts

    13-0411 FoPro_Moor_3W_final

    The verification of medical quality in the health resorts and spas is the responsibility of health care research, a special section of the Public Health Research. more

  • Forest therapy


    Forest therapy is resounded throughout the land. The Forest therapy has been used for health promotion in Asia since centuries. Now, the forest therapy is getting more and more acceptance and popularity.
    Forest therapy belongs to the naturopathic treatments and it is a part of the climatotherapy, which uses systematically weather and especially climate conditions for preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative issues. more

  • Stressful influences of weather on humans


    The weather is being responsible for the occurrence of a variety of subjective symptoms. Partly the weather be attributed even pathogenic properties. more

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