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The ICF as reference for the evaluation of intervention studies in dementia (ICF – Effect)


The aim of the project was to examine the extent to which intervention studies involving people with dementia consider treatment goals that are actually relevant for the affected persons themselves and to what extent new instruments are necessary to detect patients’ and caregivers’ relevant endpoints in intervention studies involving people with dementia. The following steps were performed to this effect:

Systematic Literature Review: The databases Medline, Embase, Psycinfo, Cinahl and Pedro were searched to identify pharmacological and non-pharmacological intervention studies involving persons with dementia and/or their relatives published from 2006-2008. The objectives of the interventions carried out, the outcome variables, and the outcome instruments used were extracted.Personal Interviews: Up to 8 semi-structured face-to-face interviews were performed with persons with dementia in the first stage of the disease. Up to 23 family members of persons with dementia were interviewed. The focus of the interviews was problems in daily living and challenges caused by the illness.Linking into the ICF: Goals and outcome measures of intervention studies identified in the literature review as well as problems and challenges identified during the personal interviews were linked to the ICF and compared.

Cooperation partners

Institute of General Medical Sciences (Head: Prof. Dr. Hendrik van den Bussche), Centre for Psychosocial Medicine, University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE)


06/2008 – 06/2010


Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) as part of the funding program „Leuchtturmprojekte Demenz“



Prof. Dr. Alarcos Cieza, MPH


Dr. Marita Stier-Jarmer MA, MPH